Does it Matter What Time of Day that I Eat?

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Many of us have struggled with losing weight. We’ve tried diet after diet attempting to rid our body of those pesky extra pounds we wish would just disappear. If you’re one of the many individuals who has been looking for the answer to your diet and weight loss needs, a medical weight loss program such as that offered by Dr. Vadim Surikov in New York could fit your needs exactly.

You may be surprised to learn that what you eat is really not the most important component to a successful diet. The amount you eat and even the time of day in which you eat can be far more crucial. Dr. Surikov is a weight loss physician in New York City who has spent many years developing his knowledge and understanding of those things which make losing weight possible and even easier.

Does it matter what time of day I eat?

Yes, yes, and yes. When you eat during the day can make an enormous difference in your journey toward a slimmer you. Many studies have been conducted that have examined just this, and the results are really quite amazing. One study conducted at the San Raffaele Rome Open University was particularly eye opening. In this study, researchers divided a group of women into two groups, one which consumed 70 percent of their daily calorie intake between breakfast and lunch, while the other women consumed 55 percent of their calories during the same period. Each group consumed the remainder of their calories with an afternoon snack, dinner, and late night snacking.

At the conclusion of the study, it was found that those women who consumed the vast majority of their calories during the earlier parts of the day were able to lose far more weight and inches from their waistline than the other group. They also demonstrated a healthier metabolism than those individuals who ate more during the evening. Over the span of the three month trial, the average “”earlier eater”” was able to lose about 33 percent more off their waistline and 3.75 more pounds than their “”later eater”” counterparts.

What does Dr. Surikov recommend to the patients at his NYC clinic?

In order to maintain a healthy diet and facilitate weight loss, Dr. Surikov recommends eating most of your calories during the early parts of the day. On the flipside, dinner and nighttime eating should be minimal. Getting enough sleep is also crucial as it helps to boost metabolism and help with digestion which makes losing weight easier.

Losing weight also means that your primary focus needs to be on the number of calories you consume more than what exactly you eat. Making sure that you eat fewer calories than you expend each day is a must and this is something that Dr. Surikov emphasizes to all of his patients who are members of his medical weight loss regimen.

The beauty of his weight loss program is that patients are able to eat what they like in moderation. When you work with Dr. Surikov, he will help you to develop healthy diet and exercise habits and will provide you with supplements when needed, such as phentermine which can help to curb your appetite and keep you from caving in to all of your cravings.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Vadim Surikov in NYC

Since 1989, Dr. Surikov has been working with patients in New York City who have long dreamed of shedding the extra weight and enjoying a slimmer, healthier physique. With all of the fad diets that are marketed on a daily basis, it can be difficult to determine which methods are the most effective. Fortunately, Dr. Surikov is a qualified physician who has done all of the research for you and is willing and eager to share his experience with the patients in his medical weight loss program.

niece weight loss program discountDr. Surikov takes a very thorough approach which includes extensive physical exams and consultations prior to beginning his medical weight loss journey. To make his program even more appealing, its quite affordable for patients and is easy to follow and stick with, which is why so many of his patients experience great results. To schedule a consultation and to take advantage of the new patient discount Dr. Surikov offers at his clinic, give his office a call today at 347-599-9118.

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