Life Has Completely Changed: Laura

This is my third month with him, and I am thrilled. My life is just completely changed. I feel great and I look good. I noticed that my clothes were not fitting, and then I started realizing that I was pre-diabetic and I had other possible conditions that could develop if I did not lose those extra pounds. When I met Dr. Surikov, I was in heaven because he made it simple, safe. He’s an MD doctor, very supportive, and he works with the Sensotherapy, and that was crucial. I needed to re-train my brain to the point where I did not have cravings. Little by little, my chemistry started resetting to the extent where I was not hungry anymore, and I was losing weight. I was energetic, and my health started just improving. Now, I am not pre-diabetic anymore. I’m great. I’m feeling good, and my clothes fit. I love life, what can I tell you.

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