Elle’s Review for Dr. Vadim Surikov

When I first came to see Dr. Surikov, I did not know what to expect. He was friendly and comforting. It was refreshing to see that he wanted to know what I was going through to help me figure out what my specific needs were. I think I’m young still, but I began to see some changes, especially noticing that I was feeling more fatigue. Finding out that he was able to look into my thyroid, and different hormone levels and helping me to get to an even level naturally, was what I was excited to learn more about. Dr. Surikov¬†laid out a specific balanced meal plan that I needed to stick to.¬†I know that I’ve seen results, so definitely makes me want to continue and to make sure that I’m on the right health track. I do look forward to coming to see him; he’s just a good guy. I feel like he cares about my well-being, and wants to make sure that I’m making progress.

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