Adam’s Impressive Weight Loss Success

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I found Dr. Surikov searching online. I came in to see him and we had a nice conversation about my goals, what I wanted to do, and we came up with a plan and a strategy. When I first heard about his weight loss program, I thought it was ambitious, and I wasn't sure if I could do it. It was a little bit of a challenge at the beginning, for sure, but I just kept at it and continued with the program. I've lost 45 pounds since I started. I feel fantastic and energetic now every day. I've had to go Continue Reading ...

Angela’s Weight Loss Success Story

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This is a great weight loss program! I started losing weight right away and I have been following the program now for three months. When I first came in I was having a hard time avoiding certain types of foods, especially when I was stressed. In a very short period of time I did not even want those foods anymore. The program changed the types of foods that I want to eat as well as the amount of food that I eat. Before starting this program it was hard to keep the weight off. Thanks to the Continue Reading ...

Lynette’s Weight Loss Story

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When I first came into the weight loss practice, I wanted to lose 30 pounds. I easily did this within the first few months with the help of the doctor and his staff. That was three years ago and I have kept the weight off. Honestly, when I came in, I don’t remember exactly how much I weighed. Probably thirty pounds more than I wanted to weigh. The main reason was that I had all these clothes in my closet that I wanted to fit into and I just did not feel healthy. I did not feel like I could Continue Reading ...

Andrew’s Weight Loss Interview

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When I came in for my first appointment I was 279 pounds, with the help of the doctor and his staff I lost 80 pounds. It has been four years and I have not gained the weight back. Before I came in to see the doctor, I tried everything that I could to lose weight, including low carb diets and exercise,  but nothing really worked. This program changed my entire life. I tea not like anything else that I had ever tried. Starting Weight: 279lbs Final Weight: 199lbs Total Weight Lost: Continue Reading ...

Ricky G.

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When I started the weight loss program I was 443 pounds and I was tired all the time. I now weigh 162 pounds, feel great and I have an endless amount of energy. I have been overweight and over eating for my entire life. I would go to the pizza place up the road and I would be there for an hour and my plate would be mounded up with food every time. After the first month on this weight loss program, I started to see results, so I went on to the next month and the month after that. It has been Continue Reading ...

Brenda’s Weight Loss Story

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I have lost 60 pounds with this weight loss program. Before I started this weight loss program, I was very unhappy. I came to see the doctor because I weighted 215 pounds. I could not tie my shoes. I could not bend over and get up without being out of breath. I was just not happy. Now, I can dance all night. I can go to ball games and sit in those seats. When I get on an airplane I do not feel all crunched up. There are all kinds of things that not being so much over weight helps. Now I Continue Reading ...

Linda A.

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I was struggling with losing weight and I decided to try this medical weight loss program after reading all the positive reviews. Before I started this program, it was hard to lose weight but I was often hungry and had very little energy. The doctor and his staff helped me with a meal plan and controlling my appetite. If you follow this plan closely like the doctor instructs, you will lose weight as Continue Reading ...

Benjamin G.

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First I thought this doctor was crazy to think I'm was going to lose weight. Then I followed his advice and in 2 weeks I lost 19 pounds. From 238 to 219 and still dropping. I decided to try this weight loss program because I was tired all the time and just wanted to keep eating. I just couldn't lose any weight. The cakes probably didn't help. The doctor and his staff gave me the tools and information I needed. This program works and I think other people will only be successful if they follow Continue Reading ...

Nikki B.

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I decided to try this weight loss program because I needed to lose weight. This plan helped me to stop emotional eating, especially the craving of sugary and salty snacks. The doctor and his staff gave me great advice and support. Other people will have success with this program, simply because it works. Continue Reading ...

Hannah C.

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This has been the best experience for me. I have lost 55 pounds and I could not have done it without the support of the doctor and his staff. I have never really had a problem with losing weight then I had a baby and all that changed! I was eating the wrong things and not being very active. I needed a boost and to be taught how to eat better. I have sent many of friends and they have all lost weight and are so happy now. I think that it works because the doctor knows that everyone is human and Continue Reading ...