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Connie’s Medical Weight Loss Story

Posted on: May 13, 2017 by in New York
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Dr. Vadim Surikov is a NYC medical weight loss physician who has been providing residents of New York and the surrounding areas with top notch medical weight loss treatments and care for decades. His detailed approach has helped many, like Ken, to realize their long-term health goals and see real results. In this detailed interview, Ken describes just how powerful the weight loss service provided by Dr. Vadim Surikov can be: Q: How did you learn about Dr. Surikov and his NYC medical weight Continue Reading ...

Weight Loss Clinic Bronx NY

Posted on: April 6, 2017 by in Bronx
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What is a Bronx Weight Loss Clinic? A weight loss clinic Bronx NY is a medical practice that focuses on helping patients to lose weight in a healthy way under the supervision and guidance of a weight loss physician. A weight loss clinic New York NY provides clients with regimented diets that help patients to gradually lose the weight at a rate of one to pounds per week. The team at a clinic can consist of a single weight loss doctor or a team of physicians whose goal it is to work together to Continue Reading ...

Are there any foods I should avoid if I want to lose weight?

Posted on: July 17, 2016 by in New York
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Lose Weight and Eat the Foods You Love We've all heard the story before. We or someone we know begins a diet and starts to exercise only to give up before the goal weight is reached. Far too many diets fail, but why? The truth of the matter is that most diets simply aren't sustainable. We deprive our body of all of the foods that aren't good for us but when we do that, we often deny ourselves the foods we love as well. The end result is often giving up on the diet and picking up that chocolate Continue Reading ...