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Complete Weight Loss Services by Licensed Physican Dr. Vadim Surikov

Types of Weight Loss Services

Too many weight loss plans take a narrow approach, forcing you to choose between medical or behaviorally focused treatment.

Dr. Surikov provides medical weight loss services in New York City using a brand new approach to weight loss that works. His weight loss clinic relies on years of medical research to determine underlying medical causes for weight gain and hunger patterns. As a holistic weight loss physician, Dr. Surikov creates simple, customized solutions to help you eat less, overcome your cravings, and make choices that will help you achieve your goals with ease.

  • Doctor supervised medical weight loss plan created by board certified physician
  • Full weight loss services that include a full medical work up, and monthly consultations.
  • Prescriptions that address underlying issues with weight and gives patients a head start.
  • A simple, customized plan to address hunger patterns, cravings & healthy caloric intake daily.

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Dr. Surikov does not believe in the hard-to-follow programs or surgical solutions that many weight loss physicians offer. Instead he works with you to formulate a personalized plan that works with your lifestyle, and addresses your personal challenges with food, and helps them incorporate the plan easily into their everyday life. Benefit from years of research by weight loss specialists and the medical community, all under one plan that will make your struggles with weight loss a thing of the past.