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There are many weight loss programs in New York NY. The medical weight loss program that Dr. Surikov provides for his patients is considered to be one of the easiest and safest weight loss plans in New York NY. In this interview, Diane discusses how Dr. Surikov provided her with a personalized medical weight loss program that has been helping her reach her ideal body weight.

Giane is sitting in Dr. Surikov's office talking about her success with the weight loss programs in New York NY

Weight Loss Pograms in New York NY – Review from Diane for Dr. Surikov

Losing Weight with Freedom – Diane’s Weight Loss Experience

Q: How long have you been coming to see Dr. Surikov?

Let’s see, a month and a half now, or two visits, I guess.

Q: Do you remember what the first appointment was like?

Yes, I was very impressed with Dr. Surikov because I had great difficulty losing weight. This began four years ago. I was always a four, the largest, I would be a six for all of my life, and I’m 64 years old, and then I had thyroid trouble. I have Hashimoto’s disease, which means you have a slow-moving or almost not moving metabolism. I had gone to doctor after doctor after doctor, and they look at you like you’re this hysterical woman of a certain age that has to accept that you’re not going to be that size anymore. I’ve always exercised, I’ve always been active and, like I said, still able to maintain my weight. He’s the first one that said, “Well, let’s look at the whole body here. I know you want to lose weight, but give me your history.”

He was very thorough, I thought, and that’s where I was most impressed with. Other doctors, whether they’re an internist or whatever kind of specialist, they tend to stay within their lines. Do you know what I’m saying of their specialty? But, here he was weight management, and yet he immediately went through a long history. I was in his office for about an hour, told him my entire history because I have some autoimmune issues, and he attacked it in a way that gave me hope. The other doctors were not even, “Well, I don’t know what to tell you. Stop eating bread.” [chuckles] Things of that nature.

I think I’m down 10 pounds. I have 20 more to go because I gained a gained 30 pounds and that’s not with over exercising. You can’t go with Hashimoto’s because it just makes the situation worse sometimes. He’s delightful, he listens, he’s very calming to be around, he’s thorough, and I have already started recommending him because the appetite suppressant that he gives you doesn’t make you speedy. I was still hungry on it; I went to sleep. I think that he takes your whole body experience and history and then treats you. I find that to be a rarity in my experience with dealing with doctors today.

Q: What did you think of the program when he first described it to you?

It’s effortless. It’s like, “Okay, 1,200 calories. You’re going to have to stick to that. It’s going to be hard.” He gives you a couple of pages of suggestions and eats from this group and that group, vegetables, and protein. What it boils down to is you become more conscious of your portions number one because you have 1200 calories. I started counting everything, The point thing drove me crazy I could never wrap my brain around that but calories I can count, it’s simple. You start measuring everything, and then you say, “Okay, well, I had three for breakfast, maybe I’ll have another three for lunch, and I’ll give myself some stretching room for dinner,” or maybe, “I don’t want to eat dinner. Maybe I’ll have breakfast and lunch, and then I’ll have a bigger lunch than I normally have.” There’s lots of flexibility in it, and it’s straightforward to follow.

Q: I like what you say about freedom. It’s a plan that you can look into the future and say, “I can live like this.”

Yes. It’s just a way of life. I realized I was stuck in that 30 extra pounds, and end up not feeling well with the thyroid problem and other autoimmune issues. I was getting depressed. I felt like I was trapped in this kind of ‘woke up one day, and I had my mother’s body.’ I was like, “It wouldn’t go away,” but I feel that this diet is so simple, anybody can do it. It’s just really a great way to eat as well. I have more energy, and that was one of my most significant difficulties — not only the weight but having the power to get up and do things. I’m starting to feel it after being on a diet now for about six weeks.

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Best Weight Loss Pograms in New York NY – Review from Diane for Dr. Surikov

Q: What would you say to somebody who is unsure about this program or coming in to see Dr. Surikov?

What do you have to lose? If you’re miserable and you can’t seem to do it on your own, and you’ve tried exercising and getting a personal trainer, and you think you’re watching everything, you have nothing to lose. Just go for one appointment, try it for a few weeks. You will see results if you follow the program and listen to the instructions that the doctor gives you. There’s no way that you can fail because I can lose 10 pounds, and I was shocked. Anyone can.

You can go out to eat. If it’s a chicken breast and it’s grilled, I only eat half because that’s the portion control. You cannot eat it. It’s 200 maybe calories, or 300 calories of a chicken breast will fit in the palm of your hand. You go to a restaurant; they’re giving you a piece this big, some restaurants even bigger. I had never been hungry on the 1,200. I eat like that anyway. Do you know what I’m saying? I don’t know if it’s the medication that gave me the energy so moving around more or in combination with the 1,200 calories, but whatever magic he had in his wand happened to work for me when nothing else could.

Q: Are you weighing your food?

Diane: Yes, I do.

Q: Many patients that are losing the most and staying with the program are weighing their food.

Yes. After a while, you can, “Okay, three tablespoons of this.” You start memorizing.

I was shocked at olive oil. I’m like a big olive oil person. I cook with it; I drizzle with it. I don’t use butter. It was 160 calories a tablespoon. I was like, “Whoa.” Now, I have become very crafty [laughs] or mixing it with vegetable stock if I’m roasting vegetables or even cooking a chicken breast. It just brings you to a different place when you’re eating healthier foods. When the thought comes up, you’re passing this bakery, you’re going, “There’s no way because it’s going to be more than my 1,200 calories. I’m not going to be full, and I’m going to have that sugar craving.”

It’s almost like it doesn’t entice me as it used to when I was depressed and I couldn’t. I worked out with a trainer, and I’d gain five pounds, and I’d bulked up. All of a sudden, I don’t have any of that now. It’s different.

Weight Loss Programs in New York NY

The Best Weight Loss Programs in New York NY

Learn more about the medical weight loss programs and weight loss counseling that Dr. Surikov provides to help patients reach their ideal healthy weight, by visiting the website for the NYC weight loss clinic http://drvadimsurikov.com/ and reading more about the program. Patients who are ready to start the weight loss program can call (347) 599-9118 to schedule a weight loss consultation today.

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