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The weight loss programs at the weight loss clinic New York NY of Dr. Vadim Surikov are healthy; doctor supervised programs that help patients lose weight and establish healthy life long habits. Laura, a patient at the clinic, discussed the weight loss program, the differences in the program, and how her life has changed since losing weight.

Weight Loss Clinic New York NY – Review for Dr. Vadim Surikov from Laura

Weight Loss Clinic New York NY - Review for Dr. Vadim Surikov - Laura 01

Weight Loss Clinic New York NY – Review for Dr. Vadim Surikov – Laura

Q: First of all, tell me your first name and where you from.

My name is Laura Lavern. I am from Colombia, South America, but I live in the States since 1984. I’m American now.

Q: How long have you been seeing Dr. Surikov?

This is my third month with him, and I am thrilled. My life is just completely changed. I feel great. I look good and all my friends, that’s the best part that hasn’t seen me for a while, they’re all like, “What are you doing?” I brought about seven friends, including my daughter this year as well. They’re all losing weight. My sister– Oh, my God, I should not be saying that my sister, my daughter, my friends. It’s a great feeling. I love it.

Q: What was happening at the beginning that made you think that you needed help losing weight?

I was looking okay. I still feel that I was looking beautiful, but it’s the feeling you have of tiredness. Your clothes are not fitting, and then I started realizing that I was pre-diabetic and I had other possible conditions that could have developed if I did not lose that extra pound that I should not be carrying. That was my motivation.

When I met him, I was in heaven because he made it simple, safe. He’s an MD doctor, very supportive, and he works with the Sensotherapy, and that was crucial. How to re-train my brain to the point where I did not have cravings? Little by little, my chemistry started resetting to the extent where I was not hungry anymore, and I was losing weight, and I was energetic, and my health started just improving. Now, I am not pre-diabetic anymore. I’m great. I’m feeling good, and my clothes fit.

I love life, what can I tell you.

Q: Obviously, you’re thrilled about the results?


Q: Were there specific types of food that you were craving before you started?

Interestingly is that I am not into carbohydrates. All my life, I have been conscious of eating healthy foods and organic foods. This has been my lifestyle in the last 20 years. I never thought that I would have a condition like being pre-diabetic, for example, which is sugar-resistance, insulin-resistance, and that makes you gain weight.
When I discovered that by coming to Dr. Surikov, I was in shock, people out there think, “I eat so healthy I don’t have any potential condition to pre-diabetics or something like that.” That’s what brought me to come to him. My cravings have been not sugars, but it’s the way that I was eating. I would crave food at 10:00 PM and I would not eat during the day.

I had very disordered eating, and then I would crave for, I don’t know, not pizza and stuff like that but beans, lots of grains. That was my craving. Now I don’t have any of that. I eat normally. Small portions during the day and he trained me to do that. I am the master of my body now and my mind. The body and my mind are not determining my emotions, how should I eat, I design it now. I love it. I’m in control of that, and that’s a great feeling.

Q: When you first talked to him, and he explained to you– I don’t know if he gave you a 1,200 calorie diet?


Q: At the time when he described it to you, and he explained it to you, did it seem possible or how did you feel?

Yes, because he gives you so many choices and a guide. It’s a guide for you to follow plus a spray that he gave me that when I would feel hungry, I will put it in my tongue and a very safe medication that he gave me that also curved my appetite. That 1,200, and I’d research it, it felt appropriate, and I did not feel dizzy, not hunger at all, and the menu is multiple choices. I don’t like it when I’m being told exactly a controlled diet. “This is exactly what you eat today. This is exactly what you eat tomorrow.” I don’t like that or weighing my food, oh, my god, please don’t.

I like it simple, comfortable. We live in a hectic world. I love that he gives you a whole spectrum of menus, and then you choose what you like and keep to your– Another thing that I love, he gave me an application where I can monitor what I’m eating during the day effortlessly. Low carb, for example. I did that one. With all these applications in the world today, it’s easy not to weight, not to worry about it, and get an idea of what you are doing without being obsessed about it. You have to make it fun when you’re losing weight, and the purpose of it is not only, but it’s also an insurance for your health for now and years to come.

Weight Loss Clinic in New York - Review for Dr. Surikov - Laura 05

Weight Loss Clinic in New York – Review for Dr. Surikov – Laura

Q: What other things did you try before this program? Were there other things you tried?

Yes. Back then, it wasn’t like really like a problem. My weight situation started about a year ago, but back then it was just 10 pounds or 15 pounds. I tried Nutrisystem.

I tried other food programs that were delivered to my home, and it was like eating cardboard food. It was so disgusting. I didn’t like it. Then I tried to do it myself with shakes and things that I would buy online. I didn’t get the support, a safe, simple medical proven support of somebody who I could trust. When I met him, he became my health guru more than just a weight loss. He’s like a health guru. I don’t even have to advertise who he is, seriously. They’re laughing here because I bring friends and friends. They have to see me, “Hello, Laura, what are you doing? It’s like a big change day and night.” Those 30 pounds made a big difference, and that’s a great feeling. I tried many other things but didn’t work, didn’t last.

Q: The first month, did he give you a prescription for phentermine?


Q: Tell me about the first month on phentermine? How did that go?

Again this doctor tailors everything, and I like how he prescribed it. He made sure that I was physically well, and that is very important. He is a very responsible doctor. The phentermine he did prescribe it so I would take half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon for a few days to get my body used to it. More than saw, I felt the energy that I was gaining. I was losing weight, and I started exercising because I was gaining strength. I did very well with it. I’m still taking it and then learning how to control my appetite. At one point, I would stop taking the phentermine, but yes, I like very much that prescription, very much. Very few doctors prescribe that. I love him.

Q: You used that with Sensotherapy. Two of them together?


Q: You use Sensotherapy at night?

I introduced the Sensotherapy actually in my second month, and I use it when I feel hungry. Now, I don’t feel hungry at night. After 6:00 PM, I don’t eat anymore, and I am not hungry at all. I’m drinking a lot of water. My body is just reset. It’s asking for what needs which are small portions during the day, no more than 1,200 calories and lots of water. Drink a lot of water — lots of energy. I could bottle my energy and sell it out. It’s excellent, yes.

Q: How has losing weight, 30 pounds is a lot, how has that affected your everyday life? What it was like before and how it is now like when you wake up every day?

Again, it’s essential to support my self. I believe that loving ourselves means to take care of the vehicle that we have, which is the body, and the body has a brain. To have a healthy brain, you can have a better cognitive function and work better and have better judgment and decisions. It all goes together, your body, your mind, and then your soul because you are feeling fantastic so you can have joy and be happy.

I don’t believe that if you’re unhealthy, you can be utterly joyful. It had impacted me because I wake up in the morning. I love the way I look. I love the way I feel. 5:30 in the morning I’m ready to go so I can produce more. My better productive times in the morning when I make my plans, I make decisions and my calls.

I work a lot with overseas clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, so sometimes my schedule different. I do see that I have more capacity to produce, to work better, more efficient, fewer hours, just more productive, and have more time for walking and doing 5,000, 10,000 miles when I did not do that before because I was always so tired. Yes, it’s a support for the tree of life.

I don’t see it otherwise. If you’re tired, you tend to be sick, and you are sleepy and pre-diabetic, life is different. It’s very different.

Best Weight Loss Clinic New York NY - Review for Dr. Surikov - Laura 03

Best Weight Loss Clinic New York NY – Review for Dr. Surikov – Laura

Q: What would you say to someone unsure about seeing Dr. Surikov?

Well, it happened to me. The friends who approached me and just begged me to bring them here. I’m on the group, and some had been skeptical because I guess experience like myself of other programs. What I told them is you see me, I am a testimony of the results. Listen to that. I vouch for his work. They trust me, therefore, believe him.

What do you have to lose? Go to a doctor that has MD training, and that has proven records, that’s what I tell them. If they don’t want to come, I say, “Honey, I see you in six months. You’re not going to lose it; you’re going to keep gaining. Do something now for your happiness.”

I tell them, “Do you want to be like a 70-year-old? You can’t walk, and everything hurts, and you’re so overweight or do you want to project yourself now to do something and then we can all dance when we are 70, the 80’s?” They will come. [laughs] It’s true. I want to be this happy old lady that still walks straight and has energy. That’s the kind of woman I am, and I want to continue being.

Q: Dr. Surikov says he’s a fantastic tango dancer.

Oh, my God. Last time, I came with my daughter because my daughter also lost 20 pounds and she looks, so we both came in. She couldn’t happen today. He said to me, “Do you have a boyfriend?” I laugh. I don’t tell him about my personal life, but I laughed. He said, “You have to go to tango because it’s a great way just to exercise and meet people.” He gave me the place where to go, and he’s fun. He’s a fun, loving, compassionate doctor, and he’s right to the point. He tangos. I’m going to join in dancing tango, not that I’m flexible.

Q: What you’re saying about his personality when you think about coming to see him, it’s easy, he’s friendly?

I like it because he’s earnest about his work and he does a lot of research. He’s a knowledgeable doctor. You can also see that he has compassion, and he’s a human being with a good character, pleasant personality. He’s all about his career, helping people, but I like his nature a lot. It’s not threatening. He’s great. He’s a very kind gentleman, and his staff is charming too. I can call him at any time, and they have answers for me. They are very accommodating.

Q: Alena?

Alena, yes.

Q: I’ve heard her on the phones. She’s friendly. She remembers patients.

She remembers the patient’s names, and you feel welcomed when you come here. You’re not just a patient; you are somebody that they want to help. Elena, yes, she’s very friendly.

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