Willpower and Your Battle with Cravings

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Losing weight is hard, even for the most determined individual. All too often, we go on a diet, put in the effort, and lose the weight only to have the weight come back on soon after. Why exactly is that? The answer: food cravings! Food cravings are at the heart of every lost battle to lose weight, and are almost impossible to eliminate through sheer willpower alone.

Cravings are especially difficult for those of us who are prone to emotional eating, and let’s face it, that’s most of us. Just think about it for a moment. You get into an argument with your spouse. What do you do? You head to the freezer for the ice cream. Your boss yells at you, and you grab a snack from the vending machine. Your kids are especially rambunctious, and you inhale five candy bars after they go to bed without even thinking. It’s an impulse, and it’s a hard one to fight at that. Odds are, you don’t even realize you’re doing it. The fact of the matter is, this automatic response to external stressors could be (and likely is) the downfall of every diet you’ve ever tried!

Medical Weight Loss in New York NY | Dr. Vadim Surikov

Patients keep weight off long term when they eliminate their food cravings.

Understand Your Emotions and theĀ Impulses To Eat

We all start out with the best intentions. We know we need to lose weight and we try to put our best foot forward by limiting our calorie consumption and getting out there and exercising. We stop eating all of the foods we shouldn’t, we set our sights on losing weight, and we convince ourselves that we can do it. The weight begins to come off and we get encouraged, believing that we’re finally going to be able to shed those pounds and achieve a healthy weight once and for all. We get so excited at the prospect of looking and feeling great that we don’t properly guard ourselves against our biggest weakness. Sure enough, sooner or later, those cravings will eventually get the best of us. Despite our best efforts, we start to give in.

For those of us who’re emotional eaters, it’s often our emotions that get the best of us and cause us to stumble. Something bad happens or inevitabe stressors pop up in our lives, and we go right back to those foods that led us to experience our weight loss struggle to begin with. We figure, what’s the harm? Soon we realize that we’re back on the downward spiral we’ve experienced time and time again. What’s the answer?

The Truth About Long Term Weight Loss

Cravings, like fingerprints, are unique. While one of us might yearn for pizza when the going gets tough, another individual might head for chocolate. Whether savory or sweet, the results are often the same: weight gain and a failed weight loss plan. The weight loss struggle is a real one, and willpower will only take you so far.

The fact of the matter is, determination and sheer force of will is almost never enough to experience long-term positive weight loss results. Dieting is great, but until we’re able to conquer those cravings and loosen their grip on our lives, we’ll always be fighting a losing battle to lose weight.

Fortunately for those who have long struggled to get the best of their cravings, there is an answer. A doctor supervised weight loss plan provided by a qualified weight loss doctor can be a great way to target the root cause of your weight gain so that you can experience real results that last. Why continue to struggle to lose the weight when another, simpler answer might exist?

Dr. Surikov’s Weight Loss Philosophy and Directed Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Surikov is a weight loss doctor who understands just how big of an impact cravings can have on the long-term success of dieting. His doctor supervised weight loss plan focuses on helping patients to curb all appetites, be they physical or emotional, by providing individuals with treatments designed to eliminate their own unique cravings. His ultimate goal is to make sure that patients are given all the tools they need to say goodbye to their extra weight for good. Not only is he focused on weight loss, but also on the overall health of the individual. As part of his weight loss program, he provides thorough medical evaluations both before and during dieting in order to ensure that each individual is losing weight in a healthy, effective way.

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