Andrew’s Real Weight Loss Story

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Patient: Andrew
Starting Weight: 279lbs
Final Weight: 199lbs
Total Weight Lost: 80lbs
Maintained: Four Years

The weight Loss clinic of Dr. Vadim Surikov provides a weight loss program that has helped thousands of patients lose weight without surgery.  In this video Andrew talks about the weight loss plan and what it was like to lose 80 pounds with the weight loss program.

Tell us the length what your weight loss consultation was like.

During my first appointment here everyone was very encouraging. I could see on the wall the results. These are like the superstars of the weight loss program. I could see how his office helps people achieve their goals and their dreams. It was very encouraging.

What was occurring in your life that made you decide you wanted help slimming down?

My son came to be and I determined that I needed to alter my life, for myself and for him, my wife.

Before you began this weight loss plan what did you try?

Preventing breads, working out and preventing carbs, none of that worked, clearly. I was 279 pounds once I cam in to see the physician. I understood I needed to transform and that none of these things worked.

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What was the first month like with this plan?

This is a sharp contrast in the lifestyle that I ‘d after the plan began, compared with what was occurring before. The plan is demanding and intense but it must be.

The physician consistently says that if I will be not feeling full or fighting to phone. They’re going to walk me though it and perhaps alter up the plan. They’re quite accommodating. They have been here for me.

The transition from your lifestyle that I was living before to when the plan was began by me, it was like nothing I ‘ve ever done. It was life altering.

How has your want to eat special foods since you began this weight loss program changed?

I don’t need to prevent it entirely, although I may enjoy a food. I only have never to eat as much of it. There are some foods that I loved that I love now, but only not as the amount that’s, much.

Has your appetite changed?

My desire is clearly reduced. Like I was I will be not gorging myself all the time. I was full because I consistently pleased myself. Then the hunger came but it was alleviated with the plan as soon as I began this plan.

When you had been attempting to drop some weight before beginning on the plan you think about food? Before you began this plan what part did hunger play in your lifetime?

I was always considering food. I’d fill myself. It’s not like I was not full, it was mental. I ‘d frequently believe that I ‘d to make sure where I managed to eat as much as possible I could get a buffet or something.

That’s changed. What they educated me in the plan and the plan gave me choices which are not always going to get me. I believe it’s really helpful.

Needless to say the training is, in addition, significant. The staff is constantly asking me how I’m doing whenever I ‘ve my appointments.

When would you fight?
What can you fight with?

The Sensotherapy products help get me these intervals, when I’m thinking about food. With such a support I feel like I can perform it and fight those emotional impulses off.

The plan contains one meal a week that doesn’t restrict the kind or quantity of food that you could eat. How significant has this been with this plan to your success?

When I go my entire week, one meal is allowed by the plan during that week when I will go mad, like my old self.

Tuesday, “Monday, Friday, that’s when I will be going to get it done. Friday I will go and have a margarita, tacos, whatever I need.”

It was a target that I ‘d to work for but I understood that I earned it and that it was rewarding. Afterward I ‘d get on the scale and I believe that I never have totally disconnected from what I adore, the wonderful foods that I love because I’ve lost weight one time a week and I still get that benefit. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much. It’s really significant.

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