Respected Weight Loss Doctors To Bring Successful Weight Loss Program To New York City

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For Immediate Release
January 12, 2016
Contact: Dr. Vadim Surikov

New York City Is About To Lose Big, As A Patented Weight Loss Program Arrives From Texas Today. Manhattan chosen for new unique weight loss practice used by thousands to lose weight in Texas.

The saying “everything is bigger in Texas,” is no longer true for thousands of patients who have lost weight under the care of Dr. Michael Cherkassky. a medical practitioner in Dallas. Now partnering with experienced medical doctor Dr. Vadim Surikov, the proven Sensotherapy™ weight loss program is now available in all five boroughs of New York; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.

The New York City tri-state area was chosen as the second site for a newly expanding program with Dr. Surikov as the head New York practitioner, due to his decades of experience with treating medical conditions that can affect weight gain, and his knowledge of Sensotherapy.™ Having just completed extensive training with Dr. Cherkassky, Dr. Surikov is now treating weight loss patients in several convenient New York locations.

Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Cherkassky holds patents for several all natural appetite control products proven effective for weight loss.

Respected Dallas Weight Loss Doctor | Dr. Michael Cherkassky

Dr. Michael Cherkassky is a highly respected Dallas Weight Loss Doctor.

Using common sense and science to identify causes of weight gain in patients, and the need to curb what he calls “The 3 C.’s,” Dr. Cherkasssky developed products grounded in science which help with all three, Control, Cravings and Calories. The products have been tested for over ten years in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, with thousands finding it a successful weight loss program.

Dr. Cherkassky’s Sensotherapy™ program begins with an initial medical check-up, and monthly follow-ups, and is combined with a daily formula created and customized for the patient based on their need for appetite and craving control.

Dr. Surikov, a leading practitioner in treating hormonal imbalance, saw an urgent need for a natural weight loss programs in New York.

successful weight loss service bronx new york

Dr. Vadim Surikov operates a successful weight loss service in the Bronx, New York.

Dr. Surikov is also a board certified, licensed medical doctor, who for 15 years has specialized in internal medicine. Having treated hundreds of patients over the years for conditions that were triggering unnecessary weight gain, he began researching effective medical approaches to weight loss. He came across Dr. Cherkassky, and his Sensotherapy™ program and after investigating its success and talking to patients, he decided to become the New York provider.

Dr. Cherkassky & Dr. Surikov understand that the key to successful, permanent weight loss is moderate caloric intake, but also the proper management of the three types of hunger; physical, mental, and emotional. With Sensotherapy™ the three C’s of Control, Cravings and Caloric intake are assessed for each patient, and the proper course of treatment prescribed to meet their individual needs and weight loss goals.

“One size fits all” not a successful approach, since every patient gains weight for different reasons, medical, physical, emotional.

While exercise is certainly part of a healthy lifestyle, science has shown that excessive workouts can hinder your ability to lose weight by triggering intense cravings for certain types of foods, and caloric deprivation, which triggers intense hunger and increased fat storage, rather than elimination.

After discovering patients on limited calories were finding it difficult to eat limited amounts, but for different reasons, Dr. Cherkassky began researching the three most important aspects of overeating; mental, physical and emotional hunger. He found scientific and psychological evidence at the root of these various types of hunger, and realized that all natural solutions could be easily created to address them.

For example. for those that crave salt, SenPaste is applied to the tongue, and curbs cravings for salty snacks, such as chips. The effect can last several weeks, up to a year or more, depending on how your body adjusts after the desire for salty food abates. SenSpray is used on the taste buds for those suffering from hunger impulses triggered by stress, food smells, boredom, or food appearance.

Additional products are available to address every imaginable craving/hunger scenario, so a customized plan can be created easily for every patient. At the same time, medical conditions must also be addressed to ensure any underlying medical causes are being addressed.

Sensotherapy creator Dr. Cherkassky was awarded the “Patient’s Choice” award for three consecutive years in Vitals “Compassionate Doctor Recognition Program,” consistently ranking in the top 3% of all doctors in the U.S. Dr. Surikov is a respected practitioner, and is considered one of the top hormonal balance doctors in the New York area.

Weight Loss Clinic: Dr. Vadim Surikov
211 East 43rd Street, Suite 1704
New York, NY 10017

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