Are there any foods I should avoid if I want to lose weight?

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Lose Weight and Eat the Foods You Love

We’ve all heard the story before. We or someone we know begins a diet and starts to exercise only to give up before the goal weight is reached. Far too many diets fail, but why? The truth of the matter is that most diets simply aren’t sustainable. We deprive our body of all of the foods that aren’t good for us but when we do that, we often deny ourselves the foods we love as well. The end result is often giving up on the diet and picking up that chocolate bar or slice of pizza instead and adopting the attitude of “it’s just too hard”.

Did you know, though, that it’s possible to lose weight and still enjoy the foods you love? It is! Eating foods we enjoy in moderation is completely in keeping with a healthy outlook on diet, exercise and wholesome living. In fact, Dr. Surikov is a weight loss doctor who recommends that you don’t eliminate all fun foods from your diet. Instead, factor them in to your daily calorie limit so that you can shed the weight while still enjoying your food.

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Some People Might Want To Limit Their Carb Intake

Many studies have been conducted regarding the efficacy of certain diets. While it was once believed that low-fat diets were the best as far as long-term weight loss, evidence shows that this may not be the case. In fact, more recent medical weight loss research suggests that reducing one’s intake of carbs through low carb diets can be more beneficial to long-term, lasting results. Although carbs do give the body energy, this energy is oftentimes short-lived meaning that the individual will soon be hungry once again. Carbohydrates tend to stimulate and enhance cravings while reducing carb intake has been shown to promote quicker, more effective weight loss results. While this certainly doesn’t mean that you should never touch a carb again, reducing your intake through low carb diets and, instead, focusing on consuming more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and the like can be beneficial.

The Key to Weight Loss is to Reduce Your Total Calories

For a program for weight loss to be successful, the principle is quite simple. More calories need to be expended every day than are consumed. In other words, the total number of calories eaten each day needs to be reduced, generally to around 1200 calories or so. While the total number of calories needed each day will depend upon the individual, 1200 is the general figure Dr. Surikov uses when constructing a plan to reduce weight. His program for weight loss will focus on calorie reduction combined with the use of phentermine to maximize results. He also recommends frequent moderate exercise as well.

Schedule a Weight Loss Consultation Today

If you have a plan to reduce weight and you’re looking for a weight loss doctor who can act as your physician and who can help you on your medical weight loss journey, contact Dr. Surikov at his weight loss clinic. His medical weight loss expertise is well known and he has helped many patients to lose the weight and to keep it off. He provides patients with both exercise programs and healthy meal plans as well as prescribes phentermine to encourage great results. He carefully monitors each of his patients throughout the program through blood tests and physical exams to ensure that they remain in good health and are responding positively to the weight loss plan.

Dr. Surikov is truly a physician who cares about his patients and he wants nothing more than to ensure that each individual reaches his or her goal weight in a safe and healthy way. If you’re ready to see results, call the weight loss clinic of Dr. Surikov for a weight loss consultation today!

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