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What is Medical Weight Loss like in New York NY?

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, odds are you’ve been overwhelmed at some point with the number of options available to you. From extreme surgeries to diet pills to weight loss services, the choices likely seemed endless and difficult to choose from. One option out there that has been proven to be quite effective for many is medical weight loss under the supervision of a fully licensed and registered weight loss doctor.

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A weight loss clinic that focuses on medical weight loss does not offer surgery or diet pills. Instead, they focus on identifying the cause of a person’s weight gain and on providing medically-backed therapies and treatments to get patients back to a healthy weight. Essentially, this form of weight loss is about long-term results and not about losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time. After all, for many, the latter is often not a successful course of action.

What are the Downsides in New York to Using Over-the-Counter Drugs for Losing Weight?

Anyone who has been to the pharmacy or even the grocery store has seen the plethora of medications and pills available that promise extreme results. While these promises may seem appealing, it’s important to know that the results are rarely ever what is indicated. Even in cases where the medications successfully blunt your appetite and help you to drop your weight, they don’t address the real problem: your dependence on food and your inability to say “no” to your cravings.

If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, you’ve probably tried at least one diet pill. If so, know that you’re not alone. Many individuals who end up being treated by weight loss specialists will at one time or another have tried an over-the-counter medication. In fact, Dr. Surikov is a weight loss doctor who has helped many patients to lose weight after they’ve unsuccessfully attempted weight loss with diet pills.

What are the Benefits of a Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Service in New York?

There are many advantages to choosing a weight loss clinic staffed by real weight loss specialists, especially when compared to the other available methods of losing weight. For one, weight loss physicians such as Dr. Surikov are not only concerned with your weight, but with your overall health. They are qualified to give you real medical advice and to ensure that you’re approaching your weight loss in a healthy way.

Weight loss physicians can also act as a great support system both during and after your program. For example, many of the staff members at Dr. Surikov’s office have had to lose weight themselves, so they know precisely the struggles that you are up against. Having people in your corner who understand what you’re going through is invaluable.

A weight loss physician can also provide more insight into why you gained the weight, thereby making it far easier for you to keep the weight off afterwards. Dr. Surikov is very familiar with many of the common causes for obesity, and is therefore better able to help his patients to understand themselves and the reasons they’re prone to overeating. For these reasons and many others, seeking the expertise and support of a weight loss physician may be very beneficial.

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Dr. Surikov always loves to meet with new patients, regardless of where they are on their journey toward a healthier weight and life. Whether you’ve just decided to take the next steps toward losing weight or you’ve been trying unsuccessfully for years to get the pounds off, Dr. Surikov would love to meet with you and provide you with a consultation. To schedule an appointment, call us today!

What Our Patients Are Saying

weight loss program reviewWhen I started the program I was 443 pounds and I was tired all the time. I now weigh 162 pounds, feel great and I have an endless amount of energy. It has been three years now. I am living proof that this program works.

Ricky G.

weight loss review angela bio

I am down 20lbs in three months. This is a great weight loss program! I started losing weight right away and I have been following the program now for three months. Thanks to the doctor and his staff, I have lost the weight and I am keeping it off.

Angela C.

Weight Loss Testimonial for Dr. Surikov

I have lost 55 pounds and I could not have done it without the support of the doctor and his staff. This has been the best experience for me. I have sent many of friends and they have all lost weight and are also so happy now.

Hannah C.

medical weight loss NYC BrendaI have lost 60 pounds. Before I started this weight loss program, I could not even bend over to tie my shoes. I was just not happy. I can go to ball games and sit in those seats. Now I can wear a size 8. I am just happy to be able to shop in a regular size store.

Brenda H.

patient review for dr. surikov's weight loss programI lost 16 lbs in the first three weeks. There are no downsides to this weight loss program. The doctor is straight to the point. If you want help losing weight, this is a great place to go.Thank you Dr. Surikov!

Val G..

weight loss patient review judy bSensotherapy really works! I was having a hard time with snacks and deserts and regained much of the weight I had lost on other weight loss programs. The doctor and his office staff are absolutely the best. They are always supportive and they have really helped me to control my eating habits.  I am so grateful for my weight loss and my positive view on life!

Judy B.

weight loss patient testimonial | danielaDr. Surikov is an excellent physician. He takes the time to address your needs and concerns AND he gets you to your weight loss goals! During my visits he was always pleasant as well as his staff in both locations. Dr. Surikov is fantastic!!

Daniella Garman

Michael R. Weight Loss Review | Dr. Vadim SurikovWhen I first came to see Dr. Surikov, I was 64 years old and 50 pounds overweight. After three months of following his weight loss program, I lost 47 pounds and returned to my healthy body weight. I have my life back and I am grateful to Dr. Surikov for his help and professionalism.

Michael R.

amyee-s - weight loss patient review fro Dr. Vadim SurikovDr Surikov is sensitive, kind, and attentive. He was my first experience with medically supervised weight loss and his approach and manner made it easy for me to get comfortable with the process and succeed.

Aimee S.

Linda-AWeight Loss Program NYC Testimonial
I was struggling with losing weight. After reading all the positive reviews.I decided to try this medical weight loss program. Before I started this program, it was hard to lose weight but I was often hungry and had very little energy. The doctor and his staff helped me with a meal plan and controlling my appetite. If you follow this plan closely like the doctor instructs, you will lose weight as well.

Linda A.