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The weight loss programs New York NY provided by Dr. Vadim Surikov provide patients with the weight loss guidance and support they need to reach their weight loss goals. In this interview Adam discusses how Dr. Surkov’s weight loss plan is different from other weight loss programs that he has tried.

Weight Loss Programs New York NY:  Adam’s Success

Weight Loss Programs New York NY – Adam 04 – Dr. Vadim Surikov 347-599-9118

Q: Adam, how long have you been coming to the practice?

I think two or three months now.

Q: Was there a specific reason that you decided to come see Dr. Surikov?

I just wanted to be healthier and more active in my lifestyle, and I heard he was highly recommended, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Q: Was he recommended to you by somebody you know?

No, actually surprisingly I just found him on a Google search on the internet. I found reviews with people coming in and sitting and talking about Dr. Surikov.

Q: Do you remember what your first appointment was like?

He’s a very nice guy. We came in and very accommodating as far as the time and flexible with my schedule. I came in, we had a nice conversation about my goals and what I wanted to do, and we came up with a plan and a strategy. So far so good.

Q: When he first told you about the weight loss program and the 1,200-calorie diet, what did you think?

I thought it was ambitious, and I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but if you have a little bit of success in losing weight, then one thing leads to the next, and I just continued on with the program. It was a little bit of a challenge at the beginning, for sure.

Q: When he gave you the meal plan, did you find that easy to follow?

Yes, you just pick from different categories but relatively straight forward and it worked, actually. If someone gives me instructions, I’m happy to follow them, and sometimes you need somebody just to oversee you and get you in the right direction.

Q: Did you have any problems after you started the program?

No, maybe at the beginning just some getting used to not eating as much sugar. That was not a problem per se, but it was an adjustment for my body. Over time, I became accustomed to it and it worked out great.

Q: Compared with when you started the program, how do you feel every day now?

Fantastic, I’ve lost 45 pounds and I feel super energetic and fortunately, I’ve had to go out and buy all new wardrobe twice now. All good. My wife’s very happy, so everything’s great.

Q: Were there other things that you’d tried before you came in here to see Dr. Surikov?

Of course, over the years I’ve had many, many different challenges and attempts. This is the one I’ve been most successful at.

Q: That’s great. What would you say to somebody who was thinking about starting the program but they were unsure?

I’d say give it a shot. They’re very accommodating here and nice and non-judgmental. I think you should come and see him, and he’ll lay your fears. I’ve actually recommended other people to come see him in the meantime, and they’re working through their own process. I think it’s a great place.

Dr. Surikov standing by the window in his NYC weight loss clinic

Medical Weight Loss Programs New York NY – Dr. Vadim Surikov 347-599-9118

The Top Weight Loss Programs New York NY

Learn more about the weight loss programs in New York NY and Dr. Vadim Surikov by visiting the NYC weight loss clinic website for the practice ( ). To schedule an appointment call the clinic today at (347) 599-9118.

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