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Many patients consider the best weight loss program in New York NY to be from the weight loss clinic of Dr. Vadim Surikov. In this interview, Elle discusses how Dr. Surikov has helped her with her hormone levels, as well as weight loss.

Best Weight Loss Program in New York NY - Weight Loss Program review Dr. Surikov 01

Best Weight Loss Program in New York NY – Weight Loss Program Review for Dr. Vadim Surikov

Best Weight Loss Program in New York NY –  Review for Dr. Vadim Surikov by Elle

Q: How long have you been seeing Dr. Surikov?

Probably for a little under a year now.

Q: What was the reason that you decided to see Dr. Surikov?

I had noticed just more like fatigue as I started aging. I think I’m young still, but I began to see some changes, especially like hormonal imbalances and wanted to make sure that I got to the bottom of waking and health naturally. Finding out that he was able to look into my thyroid, and different hormone levels and helping me to get to an even level usually, was what I was excited to find out more about.

Q: Do you remember your first appointment with him and what that was like when you initially met him?

Yes. At first, I didn’t know what to expect, and he’s just friendly and comforting and not intimidating. It was just refreshing to see that he just wanted to walk me through, get to know what I was going through and help me figure out what specific needs I needed to be met.

Q: When you met with him, you had specific questions about your hormones, was he able to provide you with all the information that you needed?

Yes. There was a lot that I didn’t know about that realizing, “No wonder this symptom is related to this, and my hormone levels are doing this when they should be even.” The first thing that he had me do was fill out like a questionnaire to make sure that my symptoms, what the underlying truth was behind the symptoms, and then he had me do different tests. Some of them were– I think I had a saliva test at home that I did. He was able to see like all the results right away and spelled out what my body was doing in a way that other people weren’t able to dissect and look deeper into in that way, which was refreshing.

Q: He was very thorough about the test results that you got back?


Q: Tell me about his following up with you. You got the test done, but then you had to send it to him. Then there was the communication back and forth. Tell me how that went.

It was effortless, actually. The kit, I was able to do at home, and then I mailed it to the lab directly and later– The next time I met with him, we went over my results in person. Then he walked me through different things that I needed to change, especially certain vitamin supplements that I needed to add.

I didn’t realize that my adrenal gland wasn’t working. I needed to have certain supplements for that. The food that I was having and especially the nutrition that he laid out a specific balance meal plan that I needed to stick to. Some of it that I could slightly adjust if I was like out and about, but try to keep me strict with that.

It was just a tremendous informative overall scope of, “These are the results. This is from my training and knowledge that I believe that if you would make these modifications, might start seeing changes.” I started to do that, noticed specific changes, and then he started with that and went with the game plan further on that was a little more in depth. It was just lovely to see, “Okay, this is where I’m at. These are the actions I need to take to adjust and get myself to a healthy level naturally.”

Q: How many months have you been seeing him, again? Did I ask you that?

It’s been a while. I don’t remember exactly how long.

Best Weight Loss Program in New York NY - Weight Loss Program review Dr. Surikov 02

Best Weight Loss Program in New York NY – Weight Loss Program review Dr. Surikov 02

Q: After this period, tell me about you mentioned you had issues with fatigue. How’s your energy level now day-to-day?

A lot higher. I noticed especially once I got my hormone levels to a better place and my thyroid that my just nature was a lot more calm. I had a lot more energy in the morning. I didn’t have as many aches and pains which was excellent, and I assumed those had to do with my muscles or my bones or aging and not realizing that actual hormone levels and my thyroid had an impact on that.

I thought it was just me like, “Okay, there’s something just wrong with me, or that’s just how I am.” Then once I started making the modifications that he suggested, and I’m focusing on my health, in that way, I began to feel– I don’t know, less of a weight on my shoulders and felt more energy which was nice.

Q: How did you initially meet Dr. Surikov? How did you know to contact him?

Gosh, I don’t remember if it was just– I think it was word of mouth or possibly a review online.
I’m thrilled as a patient. I do look forward to coming to see him; he’s just a good guy. I feel like he cares about my well-being, and wants to make sure that I’m making progress. I know that I’ve seen results, so definitely makes me want to continue to make sure that my levels are proper and that I’m on the right health track.

Best Weight Loss Program in New York NY

Dr. Vadim Surikov: Best Weight Loss Program in New York NY

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