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The Proper Weight Loss Philosophy

When you’re looking to lose weight with a weight loss physician, having the right mindset is key. Weight loss isn’t easy, and having the wrong philosophy when approaching health and nutrition can make it even more challenging. At our medical weight loss practice, we believe that losing weight shouldn’t be about deprivation, but about making healthier choices for your body.

As a premier weight loss physician, Dr. Surikov believes that a gradual, healthy approach to losing weight is best. This means finding those challenges that affect you, such as cravings, and discovering ways to effectively battle and eventually bid goodbye to them. Losing weight should be all about the positive, as being upbeat and optimistic about weight loss is what will allow you to keep the weight off long after the program itself has ended.

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Complete Weight Loss Services by Licensed Physican Dr. Vadim Surikov

A Great, Personalized New York Weight Loss Service

Dr. Surikov offers patients like you a safe and secure weight loss clinic in which to shed unwanted pounds. As a weight loss doctor, he truly demonstrates his care for his patients. He gets to know each patient and he closely monitors each person’s progress to ensure that the weight loss service is truly helping the individual.

He believes in supporting each patient throughout their journey toward a healthier mind and body, and his empathy and consideration are unparalleled among weight loss specialists. Whatever your concerns are about losing weight, you can rest assured that Dr. Surikov is eager and willing to answer all of your questions and hold your hand every step of the way.

At his weight loss clinic, each person’s care is customized to meet their needs. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds to get ready for beach season or you’ve been struggling to lose a significant amount of weight for years, Dr. Surikov’s medical weight loss practice is for you.

The Role of Weight Loss Counseling

Along with actually giving you the tools you need to lose the weight, a truly great weight loss doctor will also help you to understand the reasons for your weight gain so that you can effectively keep the pounds off. That’s precisely what Dr. Surikov strives to do. He provides thorough evaluations and examinations to each patient and helps them to understand the root cause for the excess weight.

Unlike other weight loss physicians, Dr. Surikov also believes in listening intently to his patients. He understands that each individual is often deeply aware of their struggles when it comes to weight. From your first appointment to your last, know that Dr. Surikov will always be receptive to what YOU have to say. After all, losing weight is all about enhancing your life and ultimate happiness.

The Importance of Nutrition in New York

When it comes to losing weight, few weight loss physicians deny the importance of nutrition. At Dr. Surikov’s practice, nutrition is the primary focus of each program. He believes in using all-natural methods to help patients to fight those specific cravings that have led to the weight gain in the first place. He teaches all about nutrition and how to make healthier choices for your body. He provides realistic goals for you so that you can continue to enjoy the foods you love while still losing weight! This makes maintaining a healthy weight so much easier in the future.

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