Does it Matter What Time of Day that I Eat?

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Many of us have struggled with losing weight. We've tried diet after diet attempting to rid our body of those pesky extra pounds we wish would just disappear. If you're one of the many individuals who has been looking for the answer to your diet and weight loss needs, a medical weight loss program such as that offered by Dr. Vadim Surikov in New York could fit your needs exactly. You may be surprised to learn that what you eat is really not the most important component to a successful diet. Continue Reading ...

Are there any foods I should avoid if I want to lose weight?

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Lose Weight and Eat the Foods You Love We've all heard the story before. We or someone we know begins a diet and starts to exercise only to give up before the goal weight is reached. Far too many diets fail, but why? The truth of the matter is that most diets simply aren't sustainable. We deprive our body of all of the foods that aren't good for us but when we do that, we often deny ourselves the foods we love as well. The end result is often giving up on the diet and picking up that chocolate Continue Reading ...

Ricky’s Dramatic Weight Loss

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Patient: Ricky Starting Weight: 443lbs (2009) Final Weight: 177lbs (2011 Current Weight: 162lbs (2016) These are questions and summarized comments from a recent interview with Ricky, who followed this medical weight loss program for two years. The program included the prescription drug Phentermine and Sensotherapy as part of the weight reduction strategy. Included in this brief is an edited video from that interview with Ricky. Ricky’s current weight is 162 pounds. At his first Continue Reading ...

How To Stop Junk Food Cravings So You Can Lose Weight Faster

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Every goal worth achieving comes with its fair share of obstacles, and when it comes to weight loss, this well-known fact certainly continues to hold true. If you've struggled for years to lose the weight and keep it off, there's nothing to be ashamed of; you're most definitely not alone. Every year, countless Americans make the decision to lose weight and begin diets only to have them fail or, even more annoyingly, to have them work but to see the weight creep back on slowly but surely after Continue Reading ...

1200 Calorie Diet Reveals Ways To Lose Weight Without Being Hungry

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When trying to lose weight, the name of the game is maintaining a calorie deficit, and for many individuals, a 1200 calorie diet is certainly the way to go. Losing weight is never easy, and with all of the fad diets out there, it can be difficult to choose the right program that will yield real, lasting results. Fortunately, weight loss is really quite simple; eat fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis and the weight will finally begin to come off. Why Most Weight Loss Plans Fail One Continue Reading ...

Medical Weight Loss New York NY – Finding the Right Doctor in Manhattan

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How Effective is Medical Weight Loss New York NY? Many individuals who're struggling with their weight are turning towards medical weight loss New York NY as a treatment option. Prescription based weight loss is an increasingly popular weight reducing method utilized by those who are overweight or obese and are looking to shed those extra pounds and to achieve a healthy weight. Instead of relying upon other methods such as diet pills and surgery, medical weight loss consists of a Continue Reading ...

Respected Weight Loss Doctors To Bring Successful Weight Loss Program To New York City

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For Immediate Release January 12, 2016 Contact: Dr. Vadim Surikov New York City Is About To Lose Big, As A Patented Weight Loss Program Arrives From Texas Today. Manhattan chosen for new unique weight loss practice used by thousands to lose weight in Texas. The saying “everything is bigger in Texas,” is no longer true for thousands of patients who have lost weight under the care of Dr. Michael Cherkassky. a medical practitioner in Dallas. Now partnering with experienced medical doctor Continue Reading ...

1,200 Calorie Diet – The Ultimate Weight Loss Technique

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daily weight loss menu for 1200 calorie weight loss plan

The math of weight loss is pretty simple: you are supposed to take in fewer calories than you expend during the day. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy a calorie deficit wherein the body has no choice but to obtain energy from another source: fat. Understanding the 1,200 Calorie Diet This is the basis of the 1,200 Calorie Diet. By maintaining a consumption of 1,200 calories a day, you will be sure to eat less than the amount of calorie you burn, hence the weight loss. Aside from the Continue Reading ...

Willpower and Your Battle with Cravings

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Losing weight is hard, even for the most determined individual. All too often, we go on a diet, put in the effort, and lose the weight only to have the weight come back on soon after. Why exactly is that? The answer: food cravings! Food cravings are at the heart of every lost battle to lose weight, and are almost impossible to eliminate through sheer willpower alone. Cravings are especially difficult for those of us who are prone to emotional eating, and let's face it, that's most of us. Continue Reading ...

Rewire Your Thinking About Weight Loss

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Everyone knows how to lose weight. Right? All you have to do is eat less and exercise more — or is that right? Truth is, people who lose the most weight know that making a lifestyle change is much more than a new gym membership and counting calories. In order to be successful in your weight loss journey, you also need to rewire your thinking. You’re going to need a mind makeover before you can experience a long lasting, permanent, body makeover. Change the Way You Think About Weight Continue Reading ...